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Tajima nakış makinası ana mil eksantrik ayar aşaması
Tajima nakış makinası ana motor triger kayış montaj aşaması
Tajima nakış makinası temizlik aşaması görüntüsü
Tajima Nakış Makinesi Montaj Aşaması
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Embroidery Machines Spare Parts

All embroidery machines and spare parts of embroidery machines, which are available on our website or not, are offered with the most suitable solutions. The import or export transactions of the embroidery machines you will request are provided by us and delivered quickly. We provide service to all countries in Turkey and the world.

Embroidery Machines Technical Service

We provide guaranteed technical service for all brands of embriory machines. You can request service from all Turkey and World Countries. Spare parts of all brands are available in our stocks. Our Expert Technical Service is happy to support you in all your needs.

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Your Embroidery Machine Requests

You can create a request for all kinds of embroidery machine and spare parts requests.

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About Us

We set out with the principle of providing you with fast, reliable and world-class solutions, together with our team, which specializes in the purchase and sale of all kinds of textile machinery. We have always adopted a people-oriented business principle with our logistics network reaching more than 30 countries and countless customers. Each of our machines is delivered to you after maintenance and repair by our expert teams...

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