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What are the spare parts of embroidery machines?

The parts that can be attached or removed from the machine are called apparatus. Apparatuses are named according to the operations they have done.

Lase sewing apparatus: It is the apparatus attached to the industrial embroidery machine to fix the lace on the ground.

Stamp, sequin and bead sewing apparatus: It is the apparatus that enables the embroidery of stamps and beads on the embroidered ground by attaching to the industrial embroidery machine.

Chordene sewing apparatus: It is the apparatus for attaching to the industrial embroidery machine and sewing the cordon on the ground.

Top Part of Industrial Machine

Parts and Apparatus in the Upper Part of the Industrial Machine

Rope paths

Thread adjustment places (tension and tension spring)

 Rope reader


 Threading points (arbor)

 Cancel lever (head stop button)

 Warning lamp (ip sensor light)


 On button

 Close button

 Presser foot

 Piercing needle


 Needle bar


 Emergency stop button



 Pulley latch

 Rope collector

Features of Industrial Machines

The features of the machines depend on the brands and models. may vary accordingly. Each machine can perform the same operation, as well as different operations can be done by attaching the apparatus to the machines compatible with the apparatus. Machines are also variable in the number of machining heads. The current machines have 1, 4, 12, 15, 18, 45 machining heads. As the number of heads increases, the spaces between the heads become narrower. The width of the pulley is between 40, 60, 70, 100 cm. The operating cycles of industrial machines may be different depending on the brands and models. Machines can work with 1000, 1100, 1300 cycles. Revolution is about pinprick per minute. Some models of the machines have the feature of showing the pattern they have processed on their screen.

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